Work Completed

  1. Evaluate the old site and backend, and enquire about registry access (no access)
  2. Create a local copy, since no back up options are available to the customer at freestart
  3. Create a new site on the bytemark platform and attach a new template, child themed so changes can be made independently of the mother theme
  4. Create a navigation scheme based on the core catalogue architecture, but to enable navigation by category, collection and/or hashtag to a given catalogue page
  5. Create a page structure, based on the projects/portfolio (this displays the content in a nice grid)
  6. Pull graphics from catalogue for the logo and other re-usable assets (need to add descriptions, pack sizes etc still to quite a lot)
  7. Hard code the sort order of filterable projects, a custom post type (we’re using them as catalogue pages) to be alphabetical rather than publication date
  8. Import all media (several hundred images), from dropbox, page by page (50+ in the catalogue) and set featured image, create galleries, naming some adding categories, product hashtags, page numbering
  9. Copy over residual content from the old site to the new
  10. Create alternative navigation approaches, by collection, category or catalogue page (lists)
  11. Ditto but visually for collections and categories
  12. Style and adapt template css to display most things nicely
  13. Add power search and translation tool, create widgets for the sidebar and footer
  14. Design a front page, with glimpses of products, a news stream, a link to the retail site.
  15. Add redirects for dead pages, around 30 or so
  16. Add site to Google webmaster tools, for search management
  17. Add analytics code to measure activity on site
  18. Assist with the domain transfer
  19. Point site to bytemark nameservers
  20. Setup Letsencrypt SSL and update apache conf files
  21. Test and switch domains
  22. Make site live
  23. Switch wholesale.couthie links to, create the ssl and apache files and remove refs to old Couthie


  1. review options for hiding content and new catalogue
  2. create and test simple membership based approach
  3. remove membership functionality
  4. add new catalogue pages with single featured image
  5. remove images from catalogue pages
  6. create a new front page with latest products portfolio